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July 29, 2020


Today I am sharing some of my favorites from a sunny winter newborn session that I was lucky enough to capture one afternoon in early December (which just proves that I am terrible about keeping up with this space :)). Lucas was just a few days old when these portraits were taken, and his sweet parents and furry sister were all so smitten with him! I was so touched by how sweet she was with him in the portraits on the bed! Here are some of my favorites:

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July 24, 2020


I am the worst “blogger” of all time (seriously, if you want to see all of my recent work, head over to Instagram or Facebook!). I haven’t posted here in 5 long months. In those five months, we happened upon a global pandemic that has changed the world as we know it, and wow, it’s been such a weird time! I have about a thousand images from a hundred different sessions to share with you guys, but thought I would kick it off with one of my favorite families, the Kozikowskis! You’ve definitely seen a lot of them here, and I have yet ANOTHER session of theirs to share after this one, because they now have another precious daughter! I will try to get Bailey’s newborn portraits up soon, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorites from our maternity shoot back in early May:

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February 9, 2020


You guys. Even four months later, I am still pinching myself that I had the privilege to photograph this wedding!!! Rheanna + Pat set a date of September 21st for what was sure to be the wedding of the damn decade, and I was ALL IN. They chose to get married at Patrick’s family property in Catharpin, Virginia. Patrick grew up on this land, and it really is the most idyllic setting for a wedding. When it comes to variety in scenery, its got it all – woodland forestry, sweeping fields, a gorgeous barn, perfectly lit wooded areas, and a pond with the perfect amount of mossy growth on top. It is a photographer’s dream! Aside from all that, I knew that with Rheanna’s creative mind & Patrick’s woodworking ability, the event was going to be stunning and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Every single table, wooden box, wooden sign, table covering or other wood element was BUILT BY THE GROOM WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS. His expert craftsmanship was such a big part of the event, and I have never seen such a beautiful reception set up.

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January 22, 2019


My sweet friends, Daniel & Elizabeth, welcomed an even sweeter baby boy into their family about six weeks ago. His name is Rhett, which I love. I was so excited when Elizabeth asked me to photograph him in all of his newborn glory, and I couldn’t respond with a resounding YES quickly enough!!! I spent a couple of hours with Elizabeth & Rhett at their home, and we had so much fun! He was such an awesome baby – he slept for pretty much our entire shoot, making him super easy to work with, but he held out on the smiles until the very end of our time together. We had wrapped up all of his individual portraits and taken some with his mama, and decided to put him in the teeniest cutest red wagon I have ever seen. This was during the holidays (I am so behind, remember!?), so we placed his wagon in front of their Christmas Tree, and I was dying over how sweet he looked when he flashed me the BIGGEST smile! I happened to catch it on camera while squealing, and it was in focus, so it was a true miracle (have you ever tried photographing a newborn while squealing? I do it alot, and things tend to get a little shaky in the focus department! ;)). Here are some of my favorites from his sweet session (note the smile, the fox outfit andddd the bear outfit! It all may be too cute to handle, so proceed with caution!) Read more

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January 8, 2019


Let me preface this post by letting you know that I am about one million sessions behind on blogging sessions. When I get really busy I find myself saving the blogs for last, and working on the client sessions so I can deliver them and get them off to the happy people I am lucky enough to work with! Today’s session comes allll the way from mid-November, when I got to go over to my little friend Adeline’s house to meet her sweet and precious new baby sister, Amelie (Yancy and Jorge are absolutely dominating in the perfect girl name department, arent they!?) As I suspected, the Gonzalez family is now blessed with TWO adorable daughters, and Adeline could not be a more doting big sister to little Amelie. Here are some of my favorites from this sweet session!

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September 27, 2018


On August 18th, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Carlos + Queen’s backyard wedding ceremony! I am always nervous going into a backyard wedding, because you never know what you’re going to get in terms of portrait locations and scenery.  Luckily, Carlos + Queen have a beautiful home on a beautiful piece of property in Woodbridge, Virginia.  I loved spending the evening with the Hewetts and their friends and family.  It was so clear to me how much everyone loves them and wishes them well on their marriage.  My favorite part of the event was probably all of the toasts.  Traditionally, the best man, maid of honor, and a parent may make a toast at a wedding, but at THIS wedding, there was an endless line of toasting! The best man, maid of honor, siblings, ALL parents of both the bride and groom, and close friends all took their turn with the microphone to share anecdotes and a few words about Carlos & Queen.  My favorite moment was when Carlos’s son took the mic and said “I’m just so happy.” It  had to make his family feel so good and right to know that their children were wishing them well and happy about their union.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

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May 23, 2018

FAMILY | The Weisgerber Family

I got to meet up with the Weisgerber family last week, and it was SO FUN.  One of my favorite things about this job is getting to meet such kind people who I get the opportunity to see repeatedly through important milestones in their lives.  The Weisgerbers are some of my FAVORITE clients.  I worked with Megan + Chris for a maternity portrait session last fall, and also newborn photos over the winter when their sweet baby boy, CJ was born. They are the cutest family, and I have enjoyed my time with them so much, so when Chris contacted me to see if he could surprise Megan with a mother’s day portrait session for her first mother’s day, I was SO excited.  First, let’s all pause and reflect on that…he surprised her…AND her mama…on her first mothers day with a gift that she can keep forever.  I think Megan may have won the husband lottery at some point, because it doesn’t get much more thoughtful than that! Chris & I planned the session for an early afternoon at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook when CJ would be perky between nap and bedtime, and it ended up being a perfect plan, because he was HAPPY, and also the weather held out for us – there was a gigantic storm just after our session. I love that he chose the same location as their maternity photos, so that we could tie in some of hte same themes, and I also loved how they brought his giant stuffed Pooh bear that was in his newborn session. It was such a creative way to tie all of the portraits together. Another thing that I loved about this sessions is that Megan’s mom, who has been such an important part of their family – especially since CJ was born – was able to be in town for the photos.  She is from Delaware, but spends so much time here in Virginia to help Megan & Chris take care of CJ during the week, and while I know she cherishes the time with her new grandson,  it must be hard on her to be away from home. Megan and Chris are so appreciative of her, and I think it was such a sweet gesture to have a mother’s day session that included Megan’s mom too. Here are about a million of my favorites from our shoot – I just couldn’t narrow them down with such a happy crew!

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May 20, 2018


I met up with Andrew + Amanda at my favorite location of all time last weekend for a sweet engagement session. I always say that Silver Lake Regional Park is my favorite location, and aside from my front yard,  it really really is.  I mean, its got everything – forestry, a lake, a bride, long romantic grass, big open fields, cool and interesting trees…you name it, and Silver Lake has it.  I just love that I can have a single 1-2 hour portrait session in ONE location and get so many different settings and varied scenery.  Also, its so beautiful year round…in the spring it is green and there are so many florals throughout the park, and in the summer everything is so GREEN.  In the fall….its like a freakin painting with all the gorgeous foliage.  I can’t even adequately describe how beautiful the backdrop of the wooded areas are when the leaves peak each year…it is really unbelievable.  Needless to say, I was so excited when Amanda reached out and said that she didn’t really have a set location in mind for their engagement portraits and asked for recommendations. I was so happy to recommend my fave place, and was excited when she agreed that it would fit her vision for her engagement portraits.

Amanda + Andrew were the sweetest couple.  They were so clearly in love and excited about starting their future together.  They are getting married in Andrew’s home state of Illinois next summer, and I am sure that everything will come together beautifully.  Amanda & Andrew both are from out of state, which is so common here in the DC Area. They met here and have started to put down roots and build a life together. I was honored to be able to capture this very important time in their lives, and am SO excited to share some of my favorites below!

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April 30, 2018


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing brand new, five day old, baby Sam last weekend! He was one of the sweetest little babes I have worked with, and I really wanted to just take him home with me! He slept for the first part of our time together, which is practically unheard of in my newborn sessions, Sam woke up for the middle of the session, and ended it sleep SMILING and hanging out in his crib.  Sam’s parents, PJ & Zorro were the best kind of new parents.  The were so sweet and friendly, did not worry about me moving their brand new baby, AND were just the cutest new parents ever! PJ also did a fantastic job designing Sam’s nursery! Conversation flowed for the entire session, and we found out some interesting and random connections that we all share, and I just could not have loved this session more! Ridiculously adorable babies never hurt either! Here are some of my favorites of Sam & his sweet parents

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October 10, 2017

30th Anniversary | Kim + Tom

Recently, I had the absolute honor of photographing some of my dearest friends’ parents! This was a surprise shoot, so even as I type this, my friends have no idea that I did this! Kim + Tom are celebrating their 30th anniversary today. I don’t think I emphasized that enough…their THIRTIETH anniversary!!! Three decades, y’all! I feel like 30 years of marriage is such an achievement, and I swear these two make it look easy. Its clear how much love and respect they have for each other. Kim has always loved June Carter + Johnny Cash, so we thought it would be fun to recreate some of the poses that Johnny + June used in some of their iconic photos, but with a little Kim + Tom flair – here are a few of my favorites!

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