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July 24, 2020


I am the worst “blogger” of all time (seriously, if you want to see all of my recent work, head over to Instagram or Facebook!). I haven’t posted here in 5 long months. In those five months, we happened upon a global pandemic that has changed the world as we know it, and wow, it’s been such a weird time! I have about a thousand images from a hundred different sessions to share with you guys, but thought I would kick it off with one of my favorite families, the Kozikowskis! You’ve definitely seen a lot of them here, and I have yet ANOTHER session of theirs to share after this one, because they now have another precious daughter! I will try to get Bailey’s newborn portraits up soon, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorites from our maternity shoot back in early May:

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November 15, 2018


Our besties are so close to welcoming a baby boy, and we could not be more excited! My husband (Zac) and Kyle go waaaaay back. All the way to elementary school, when they were neighbors and instant best friends.  What’s even more funny is that Kaylin + I also go way back…to when she was in elementary school and I used to babysit her! It makes her sound VERY young and me sound VERY old, but really I was like 12 or 13 and she was 7 or 8, so only a few years age difference :).

When Kyle was turning 30, we planned a fun trip to New Orleans to celebrate.  He surprised the heck out of Kaylin by proposing to her a few days before we left, at his own surprise birthday party! We were so excited and happy to go and celebrate and we had the BEST time. Thanks to the New Orleans open container laws, we were feeling really good one evening.  I remember sitting in the back of an Uber, and we were talking about babies in general, and somehow we got on the subject of their future children and what their names would be.  They said they had a name picked out that would work for a boy or a girl and that there was no WAY we could guess it. I guessed Logan and from the look on their faces, I knew I had guessed right! I was sworn to secrecy and actually forgot about the whole exchange (open containers, duh) until now, years later when they finally get pregnant, and are having a sweet baby boy, who will actually get to be named Logan.

I met up with Kyle + Kaylin a few weeks ago to document her cute baby bump and then a week later, we showered her and Logan with a Where the Wild Things Are-themed shower, and so today I am excited to share images from BOTH of these events with you!

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October 23, 2018


A few months ago, I chatted with Yancy, who is expecting her second baby girl any time now.  She expressed interest in maternity and newborn portraits, and let me know that this would be her first official portrait session with her sweet family! I was so honored that she was considering me as a photographer, and when we agreed on the date and location, I couldn’t have been more excited.  I met up with Yancy, Jorge, and sweet, adorable Adeline at the Manassas National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virginia.  I hadn’t actually visited the park since I was about 11 or 12 years old, but I remembered it being a very pretty park with a ton of fields and forestry. I was hoping for a dreamy and glowy golden hour on the day of our session, but rain was in the forecast and it ended up being overcast, which I can totally work with.  Yancy + Jorge brought their fur baby, Milo, along with them and he was the best! Can I just say once and for all, so that it is clear, I LOVE WHEN CLIENTS INCLUDE THEIR DOGGIES IN OUR SESSIONS! If you are ever considering it, or wondering if it’ll be more trouble than its worth, just stop. Bring the dogs.  We only get to have them for a little while, and they are part of your family, so they should totally be included! I will even hold onto your dog’s leash for the majority of the session so we can be sure to get some images with humans only! I might also try to take them home with me, but hey, we can’t all be perfect. Anyway, I loved having Milo there, and I especially loved hanging out with Adeline. I can tell that she is such a little sidekick to her parents, and that she is going to be the most helpful big sister in all of history.  She is beyond excited to have a baby sister, and that girl can communicate to let you know what she likes and dislikes! She chatted with me the entire session, making jokes, telling me that she loves legos, and most importantly, telling me that Simon and Jeanette are the best characters on Alvin + the Chipmunks because they are the smartest and study hard.  I love that she values brains over beauty at such a young age, and can tell that she is going to grow up into the best kind of person one day. Here are a few of my favorites of Miss Adeline and her cute parents!

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September 14, 2018


Pragya + Kapil are expecting a baby girl pretty much any day now! They may look familiar, since I photographed Pragya’s baby shower a couple months ago :). I love this season of life – where a couple is embarking on a brand new adventure, wanting to capture every single moment, knowing that life is never going to be the same.  I remember being this way myself, though as a photographer, I think I tend to over-capture and over-share (have you seen my personal instagram account?!) all the time. But that is who I am, and being the type of person who wants to savor – and remember – every moment, I am in full support of people who want to document this season of life, because as we know so well…it goes too fast. My boys are 4 and 7 years old already, and I feel simultaneously like they were born yesterday and have been in my life forever.  Time is really crazy that way! I was more than happy to try and help Pragya + Kapil remember this time in their life – excitedly awaiting their very first baby, a daughter who is sure to be just as cute as her sweet parents! We met up at Great Falls National Park in McClean, VA for a summertime session, and they were such troopers, despite the heat and humidity that day! They brought my best buddy, Max with them, and he was such a good boy! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

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August 1, 2018


I had the pleasure of meeting Megan + Kyle for some sweet maternity portraits a couple of weekends back. This was completely lucky because it has been SO rainy around here lately…the weekend that we had their session scheduled, I had to move around every single client because of inches of rain on Friday and Saturday.  Megan + I talked and decided that Sunday looked like it might be hit-or-miss weather wise, and so had a tentative session on the calendar with plans to touch base that day. As luck would have it, the weather held out just long enough for their session, and oh my god was it lovely.  I think these might be some of my favorite portraits ever, so I am really excited to share! Here are the highlights from our session at Silver Lake Park:

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July 13, 2018


TEN YEARS.  An entire decade…hat is how long I have waited for this day. FINALLY one of my favorite and most special friends is having a baby! I met Hilary through work all the way back in 2008 – before babies and marriage (for me) and even before a single gray hair or wrinkle (also only for me – I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful pregnant lady in your life?!). Hilary is one of those people who is impossible to dislike. She is funny and nice and so outgoing. I remember her first day at work, we invited her to go to lunch with us, and being so surprised that she said YES! I am pretty shy and it was so foreign to me that she was ready to jump in and make friends on day one, but at that moment I knew I liked her! We worked together for about 8 years, and have stayed close after.  I can’t say enough good things about Hilary and her husband, Aaron. They are kind and generous and smart people who are outgoing and become friends with everyone they meet.  They are going to make the best parents to a sweet baby girl, who is going to be probably the most attractive person to ever live if she inherits any looks from either of her parents!

I met up with Hilary + Aaron on their land in Leesburg, Virginia. It was so perfect for an outdoor session, and now I pretty much only want to photograph any client at their house haha.  They had lush woods, fields of tall grass, open fields, and MORE. Even though the sun hid behind the clouds all evening, their images are some of my favorites that I have ever taken. Here are a few of my favorites from Hilary + Aaron’s maternity session:

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April 19, 2018

MATERNITY | Baby Girl Confer

Over the weekend, I had the joy of photographing the baby shower of my friend, Kinsey. She is pregnant with her second baby, a little girl, who is the first little lady of her generation in this family (she will have a big brother and three male cousins)! I think everyone is so excited to welcome a little lady into their family, and I have a feeling she will be so well protected by her brother and cousins! Kinsey’s mother-in-law, Dawn, and other family members planned such a beautiful event to honor her and her soon-to-be daughter.  Dawn is an incredibly talented florist in the Northern VA area, and her floral arrangements never disappoint. She did all of the floral arrangements for the shower, and also my own wedding!

I first met Kinsey when I was in college. She was in high school at the time and began dating the brother of one of my friends, who has now become her husband! Kinsey is so kind and funny, and I swear its impossible to have a bad time when she is around.  She is a fantastic mama to her son, Lane, and I know she will be just as wonderful with her daughter.  One of my favorite parts of the day of Kinsey’s shower was pulling her and her sister-in-law Melissa (who you may recognize from a recent maternity session!) aside to capture some images of them together.  Melissa & Kinsey are not only married to brothers, but they are such close friends, so I think it is so fun that they get to have babies together and share in such a special time in their family.  The day was freezing cold (WHERE IS THE SPRING ALREADY!?), but they were total troopers and came outside for a few portraits together. Here are some of my favorites from the day: Read more

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March 24, 2018

MATERNITY | The Confer Family

One of my favorite families is about to welcome their THIRD baby boy in a few short weeks! My husband, Zac, has been friends with Shane for more than 20 years, now, and it has been so fun to have children around the same ages who can play together. Melissa and I have often talked about the challenges and chaos that life with two boys is, so when we found out that they are having a third baby boy, I knew she must be a saint! On a serious note, the confer boys (Mason + Camden) are some of the sweetest little kiddos I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  They are adorable and energetic and seem to be really excited about getting a new baby brother soon! I met up with the Confer fam for a quick maternity session last weekend, and the light couldn’t have been more beautiful! I am excited to share some (so many!) of my favorites from their session below.  Can we all just pause and acknowledge how full of personality Mason is, though!?

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March 5, 2018


I had the honor of meeting up with my sweet cousin, Amber, for quick maternity portrait session at one of my favorite spots a few weeks ago.  Amber + Cameron are expecting a baby boy in just a few short weeks, and I am excited to meet him.  Amber is actually due on April 6th, which was my due date with my first baby, Jackson, back in 2011! He was stubborn and waited until the 17th to make an appearance, but I am hoping Amber’s little boy is a bit kinder to his mama! Being that Amber is my cousin, I have literally known her for her entire life :).  I used to babysit her in my early teenage years, and I have such fond memories of going over to her house and playing whatever games she wanted. She was a shy little girl like myself, and she used to curl up next to me or in my lap at bedtime, and would remain in that spot until she fell asleep.  I swear it feels just like yesterday that she was so small, so reconciling that with the woman who is about to become a mama is a crazy thing!

It had snowed a little bit the day before I met up with Amber + Cameron for their session at Silver Lake Park in Haymarket, VA, which was fun because some of the more shaded areas of the park had some snow left on the ground…the rest of the park was pretty muddy! Amber was a total trooper with an outfit change AND being barefoot in the second outfit.  Here are a few of my favorites from our session (p.s. how cute is that tiny belly?!)

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November 20, 2017


I met up with the Young family at one of the coolest parks in Loudoun County, Virginia.  We met at Claude Moore Park, which, if you are familiar with the area, also has a museum on site called the Heritage Farm Museum, which is really fun for littler kids, with a nice large selection of ride-on tractors, a fake store, chickens & eggs to collect, and a fake cow for milking. I took my older son to the museum a few times in his toddler years, as he was pretty tractor obsessed and it was a HIT.  I actually hadnt spent too much time on the grounds of the park, which includes a lake and trails, and some really beautiful places to take photos, so it was nice to meet with Misty, Chris & Evan at the park and walk around. Evan is ten years old, and had so many great ideas about where we should take photos. He also acted as our guide, having been to many summer camps at the park.  The light was beautiful and it was a nice day, which made for some lovely images.

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