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June 20, 2019


I loved this session! Not only is it featuring one of my favorite families, but it also includes a cake smash! We have known the Confers for about a hundred years now, and it is fun having friends with a family full of boys like ours :). Mason is the oldest, and he is such a sweet little soul. He is always happy and kind, and I think I might like him more than my own kids (kidding!…sort of ;)). Camden is in the middle, and is such a nugget to photograph. He is cautious with his smiles, and I feel so GOOD when I get a real one out of him. The Confers one upped us last May, with the addition of their third boy, Liam. He just celebrated his first birthday, and couldn’t have been cuter if he tried. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of the cake itself, but he still did a great job getting messy! Here are my favorites!

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