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January 2019

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January 25, 2019


This will probably be the last holiday post I do, since we are now a month post-Christmas, but I just couldn’t resist sharing the Nir Family’s sweet holiday session with you guys. I first met PJ, Zorro, & Sam for baby Sam’s newborn portraits last spring. I was so happy when PJ called me and wanted me to come capture their family for Sam’s first holiday season! I knew he was going to be precious, but I was NOT prepared for just how squishy and adorable he has gotten over the last 7 months! Sam has perfect rolls, a gummy smile, and the coolest eye color I have ever seen on a baby! I met the Nir family at their home to take a few portraits by their Christmas Tree (which was beautiful, by the way!), and then we went out into some pretty scenic areas of their neighborhood to capture some outdoor family portraits of the family. I absolutely loved that PJ wanted me to capture some portraits of just her! I thought she looked so glam and that they turned out beautifully!

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January 22, 2019


My sweet friends, Daniel & Elizabeth, welcomed an even sweeter baby boy into their family about six weeks ago. His name is Rhett, which I love. I was so excited when Elizabeth asked me to photograph him in all of his newborn glory, and I couldn’t respond with a resounding YES quickly enough!!! I spent a couple of hours with Elizabeth & Rhett at their home, and we had so much fun! He was such an awesome baby – he slept for pretty much our entire shoot, making him super easy to work with, but he held out on the smiles until the very end of our time together. We had wrapped up all of his individual portraits and taken some with his mama, and decided to put him in the teeniest cutest red wagon I have ever seen. This was during the holidays (I am so behind, remember!?), so we placed his wagon in front of their Christmas Tree, and I was dying over how sweet he looked when he flashed me the BIGGEST smile! I happened to catch it on camera while squealing, and it was in focus, so it was a true miracle (have you ever tried photographing a newborn while squealing? I do it alot, and things tend to get a little shaky in the focus department! ;)). Here are some of my favorites from his sweet session (note the smile, the fox outfit andddd the bear outfit! It all may be too cute to handle, so proceed with caution!) Read more

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January 16, 2019


I keep saying just how behind I am on updating this space. I really am, and I need to get better about it! I have so many sessions from the holiday season that I haven’t even shared with you yet! I likely wont be able to share all of them, since it would be weird to post about Christmas in August, but hopefully this week I can catch up on some of these fun sessions I had over December and January! Today, I am sharing my favorite images from the sweetest first birthday portrait session. My buddy, Brooks (you may remember him as Chip!), turned one whole big year old in early December, and I was only too happy to go see him and capture all of his sweet squishiness at this age. I had to throw in some portraits of his sweetheart big sister, Brinnley, too! For a look back at how much Brooks has grown, you can check out his newborn session or six-month portraits from this summer! I loved how full of JOY he was at the six month session, but I could not get over how SWEET and cute he is now! See below for all of my faves!

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January 8, 2019


Let me preface this post by letting you know that I am about one million sessions behind on blogging sessions. When I get really busy I find myself saving the blogs for last, and working on the client sessions so I can deliver them and get them off to the happy people I am lucky enough to work with! Today’s session comes allll the way from mid-November, when I got to go over to my little friend Adeline’s house to meet her sweet and precious new baby sister, Amelie (Yancy and Jorge are absolutely dominating in the perfect girl name department, arent they!?) As I suspected, the Gonzalez family is now blessed with TWO adorable daughters, and Adeline could not be a more doting big sister to little Amelie. Here are some of my favorites from this sweet session!

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January 6, 2019


We have been waiting for what feels like one thousand years for Kyle + Kaylin to finally have some babies! This year, they finally jumped on board and in December, welcomed sweet little baby Logan. Logan is pretty dang special. Not just because he is our friends’ first baby, but because I can remember sitting in an uber in New Orleans like FIVE years ago talking about how Kyle + Kaylin had gotten engaged and how we could not wait for them to join us in the chaotic world of parenting. They told us they had names picked out, but that they would never tell. (We were not even close to sober, by the way). I somehow just guessed LOGAN, and they sat there in shock that their secret chosen name for a boy OR a girl would be the first name to pop out of my mouth. I was sworn to secrecy, and for awhile was so good at keeping that promise that I forgot the conversation ever happened (again with the whole less than sober thing). Sometime later Kaylin reminded me that I already knew, and it came rushing back to me – from that point I guarded their secret name with my life! Anyway, Logan is here now, and he is even better than I imagined he could be! Here are some of my faves from his newborn portraits

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