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August 29, 2018


Felton the third was the second baby on my marathon of newborn portraits. He was a sweet and snuggly little man, and a total patriot, because he was born on July 4th…even if he is an Eagles fan – even if he isn’t a patriots fan, Philadelphia is a city full of American history, so I think it fits anyway.  I have to admit that I was most nervous for his portrait session.  Felton III, or Trey, as his sweet parents affectionately call him, was about six weeks old on the day of our session.  If you are at all familiar with newborn photography, the first 14-18 days are considered optimal time to photograph babies, as they are the most sleepy and haven’t lost any of their newness and fresh features at that point.  At six weeks old, babies can look completely different, be much larger, and stay awake for much longer stretches of time. Needless to say, I was super worried that he would be a giant, alert baby. It turned out that he was a teeny guy, weighing only about 8 pounds at our session, and his dad had the magic touch and was able to get him to sleep like a rock.  His session actually has turned out to be one of my most favorite newborns that I have ever photographed….and he was six weeks old!!! It just proved that older babies are not impossible, and made me excited to work with more “older” newborns in the future.  Sasha & Felton’s home was so full of gorgeous natural light, and she had such a great vision for the session.  I love how moody these images are, and am so excited to share my favorites!

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August 23, 2018


I can’t believe it has taken me this long to share my favorites from Lindsey’s senior portrait session with you guys! I have been so busy with clients, school starting for my boys, and just life in general, and I realized today that I skipped right over her, which is nuts because I loved this session! I met up with Lindsey and her mom, Kim, at Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket for some senior portraits a few weeks ago.  It was a humid and hot afternoon, which is always a recipe for ugly thunderstorms, and with the way this summer has been going, I wasn’t surprised one bit when the skies opened up and poured right on us.  We were only about 30 minutes into Lindsey’s session, but luckily we had been moving really fast, and were able to get most of the best Silver Lake locations before the rain hit.  I was so impressed with Lindsey, and the fact that instead of being upset about the weather, she totally embraced it and we stayed out and got soaked for a bit to grab some shots of her acting like the young girl that she is! Click through to see all of my favorites!

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August 23, 2018


A couple of weekends ago I had what I am now referring to as the marathon of newborns.  I photographed THREE brand new squishy babies in one day.  I was super nervous going into it, and hoping that at least one of the little ones would sleep for me.  I was lucky in that all of them were perfect angels :). I started the day with the Shoemaker family, and their sweet, brand new baby, Savannah.  She was the squishiest sweetest little lady, and she did exactly everything I wanted her to!  I loved hanging with her and her parents, Lauren & Ben, as well as her sweet grandmother.  I don’t think Savannah fussed one single time for the duration of her session, and her mom told me she has been pretty easy on them so far. I hope she keeps it going!

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August 14, 2018


I always say that one of my favorite parts of this job is getting to work with the same families multiple times – the Magnani family is no exception! I had a fall portrait session with them last October, and loved meeting them and their three boys, Dylan, Luca & Mateo.  Mateo was only about 7 months old at the first session and it was SO FUN to see him be such a big little man now. He went from sitting to running around and exploring the family’s property in Ashburn, Virginia.  I love when clients want to have a session at home, because it is so fun to just follow them around and see them in their element.  Tom & Nicole’s place was so cool because they have some great woods behind them that lead to a reservoir with a bunch of shrubby plants and massive granite rocks. It was so neat – Luca was exploring the heck out of the woods and reservoir and found turtles, shells, and all sorts of cool sticks. I love that he is such an adventurer! Dylan also showed me that he can climb reaaaaally high on top of a wood pile! We ended the session in the Magnani’s back yard with popsicles for the kiddos, and their amazing bulldog Brando.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:

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August 8, 2018


A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing baby shower for the sweetest couple, Pragya + Kapil.( I am so excited to be working with them for maternity and newborn portraits, so you  will get to see more of them soon!) The shower was hosted by Pragya’s sister-in-law and close family and friends, and was at the gorgeous Casanel Vineyards & Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. I have been to my fair share of wineries in the area, but had never heard of Casanel, and I really think it must be the best kept secret in Leesburg! It was so beautiful. You drive in through rows and rows of vines and the views from the tasting room and members club are of rolling hills with more vineyards.  It was stunning, and a perfect location to celebrate Pragya + Kapil’s soon-to-be born baby! The details for the shower were so sweet, and they had the idea to do the coolest gender reveal ever, at the shower! Pragya, Kapil and a few close family members knew whether they were having a baby boy or baby girl, but nobody else at the shower was privy to that info! They set out a bunch of stickers of dresses and suits, and it was so fun to watch almost every single party goer decide that she must be carrying a baby boy.  Three lone ladies were on team girl. When it was time for the reveal, everyone went outside with confetti cannons and a set of dice.  They took turns popping the cannons and it worked out perfectly that the first four popped had gold confetti – building the suspense for everyone.  Team girl popped the final two cannons at once, and were ecstatic when they saw PINK confetti flying!!! This was my absolute favorite moment – everyone was so excited and celebrating and you could tell how much love Pragya was feeling from her closest people.  It was really special, and my favorite images from the day, hands down, so we will lead with them here, and follow with more of the highlights from Pragya’s baby shower!

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August 1, 2018


I had the pleasure of meeting Megan + Kyle for some sweet maternity portraits a couple of weekends back. This was completely lucky because it has been SO rainy around here lately…the weekend that we had their session scheduled, I had to move around every single client because of inches of rain on Friday and Saturday.  Megan + I talked and decided that Sunday looked like it might be hit-or-miss weather wise, and so had a tentative session on the calendar with plans to touch base that day. As luck would have it, the weather held out just long enough for their session, and oh my god was it lovely.  I think these might be some of my favorite portraits ever, so I am really excited to share! Here are the highlights from our session at Silver Lake Park:

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