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July 2018

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July 27, 2018


Are you guys ready to see the smiliest baby ever? For real…brand new baby Gabriel was such a flirt when I was taking his portraits a couple of Sundays ago.  I am used to the adorable sleep smiles that newborns give (thank you, gas!), but Gabriel was smiling when he was awake! He was really laying it on thick, and I just wanted to eat him.  I didn’t think that his parents would appreciate that behavior, so I settled for photographing him instead, but mannnn was he delicious. Gabriel was the perfect mix of what a newborn portrait session should be (in my opinion) – he was bright-eyed and alert for part of the time, but sleepy and posable for the rest. His parents, Mary & Dan, were the perfect kind of first-time parents, as well.  They were enamored with their new son, and also happy to sit back and watch me do my thing, and jumped in the shots when I needed them to.  I am so excited to share some sweet photos of Gabriel – here are some of the highlights of his smiley little session:

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July 19, 2018


I love extended family portrait sessions. How FUN is it to get a huge group of people together for the purpose of capturing the legacy of two people? This particular session focused on the Santiestevan family tree. Rique & Tanya started this fun family years ago with three kids – Cristina, Brian, & Megan.  These kids have grown up and gone on to have kids of their own, and that just makes for the most fun of all sessions. I love seeing young cousins interact with each other.  My own kids are obsessed with their cousins, and it is so fun to see other families have the same dynamic, where they get to grow up together, close in age, and they all think everything the others do is so cool. I was definitely getting that vibe from Ryland and his cousins Ethan & Alex.  The two little ladies, Brinley and Annika are still pretty young, but they are going to be best of friends growing up, which I think is so special.   We actually held the portrait session at Rique & Tanya’s property in Broad Run, Virginia, which was so beautiful. I think it really adds a special element to the photos to be able to take them on the land that this family grew up on…and it did not disappoint. They have several acres of wooded land that also included a pond with REAL LILY PADS AND FROGS ON THEM (!!!). The light was so beautiful that evening, and it wasn’t outrageously hot or humid, so I am so excited to share some of my favorites from our session!

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July 13, 2018


TEN YEARS.  An entire decade…hat is how long I have waited for this day. FINALLY one of my favorite and most special friends is having a baby! I met Hilary through work all the way back in 2008 – before babies and marriage (for me) and even before a single gray hair or wrinkle (also only for me – I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful pregnant lady in your life?!). Hilary is one of those people who is impossible to dislike. She is funny and nice and so outgoing. I remember her first day at work, we invited her to go to lunch with us, and being so surprised that she said YES! I am pretty shy and it was so foreign to me that she was ready to jump in and make friends on day one, but at that moment I knew I liked her! We worked together for about 8 years, and have stayed close after.  I can’t say enough good things about Hilary and her husband, Aaron. They are kind and generous and smart people who are outgoing and become friends with everyone they meet.  They are going to make the best parents to a sweet baby girl, who is going to be probably the most attractive person to ever live if she inherits any looks from either of her parents!

I met up with Hilary + Aaron on their land in Leesburg, Virginia. It was so perfect for an outdoor session, and now I pretty much only want to photograph any client at their house haha.  They had lush woods, fields of tall grass, open fields, and MORE. Even though the sun hid behind the clouds all evening, their images are some of my favorites that I have ever taken. Here are a few of my favorites from Hilary + Aaron’s maternity session:

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July 11, 2018


One of the greatest parts about this job is getting to see families as they grow and expand over time.  I have been working with the Penksa family for about a year now, and have been so honored to capture family portraits for them as Brinnley was being promoted to big sister, as well as newborn portraits of their newest son, Brooks.  I especially love seeing how much my newborns have grown, so I was beyond excited to meet up with the Penksas at my favorite location a few weeks ago for some updated family portraits! The kiddos were in great moods, and Brooks did not disappoint with his gigantic smiles and how hard he was loving on his mama! He was seriously eating her face, which is probably my favorite baby stage ever!  Read more

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July 7, 2018


I had the pleasure of photographing sweet and brand new baby Malika a few weeks back.  She was probably the most alert baby I have ever photographed.  We had to work REALLY HARD to get her to sleep…and when we finally did, it lasted a grand total of two minutes.  She wasn’t cranky or sad at all, but rather just content to lay there and stare into our souls.  She seems very wise for a newborn, and I loved that she didn’t mind any of the headband or outfit changes. She was so easygoing! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

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