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June 2018

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June 24, 2018


A couple of weekends ago, I photographed the SWEETEST baby boy and big sister.  Caden was about 10 days new, and was being so loved on by big sister, Parker. This session was even more special to me, because I have known their sweet mama for YEARS.  I used to babysit Sam back in my middle and high school days! I think she was only about eight years old when I started hanging out with her and her sister, Erica, and we have all been fortunate enough to keep in touch through social media and some very close shared friends. I loved babysitting these girls so much back in the day – we spent hours playing girl talk, and singing Spice Girls songs, and hide & seek, and always let them stay up way past their bedtimes to keep on with the fun…I think there were times that it would be midnight and their parents would be pulling in the driveway and we would be sneaking them into bed and trying to make it look like they had been there for hours…I don’t think they ever fell for it, but we tried! It has been so sweet to watch Sam grow up and turn into the BEST mama. Her kids are so lucky to have hit the jackpot with her, and I was so happy to be able to capture some photos of their sweet family. Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

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June 15, 2018


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing sweet little Millie on her first birthday last week! I have known Millie’s parents for about 15-17 years now (omg that makes me feel so old!), as her mama is one of my sister’s besties.  Chrissi is one of, if not THE funniest and friendliest person I have ever known! She can have any room laughing and joyful in a matter of seconds. I can really only think to describe her as such a bright light. She loves as hard as she shines, and I think that is why so many of her friends are life-long. Chrissi is always finding the good in a tough situation, and her daughter’s birthday is no exception to that. You see, Chrissi & Brandon worked really hard to have Millie. YEARS of working to make their dream of children a reality, and we were all elated to learn that she was expecting twin girls. She underwent multiple operations during her pregnancy, and in unspeakable tragedy, Millie’s twin sister, Blair, was lost to twin-to-twin transfusion.  It is such a testament to their strength and love for each other in the way that they have been able to be completely joyful in all of the milestones that Millie meets, while also honoring and celebrating her sister in so many different and special ways.  I know that Millie will grow up knowing Blair’s story and feeling how much her parents love her and her sister, and she will absolutely know that she is blessed with pretty much the most awesome parents possible! Here are a few of my favorites from Millie’s first cake experience!

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In Newborn, Portrait on
June 5, 2018


A couple of weeks ago, I had two newborn sessions in a day. It was amazing – both babies cooperated fully and were so snuggly and sweet. It was also hilarious because the first baby was over 9 pounds, and Kamran was only 5 and a half pounds – and they were born the same day! It was crazy to see the size difference between the two – the first one fit into all my wraps perfectly, and they was so much extra material with Kamran…I guess it makes sense because he was about half her weight, but funny to see so clearly that day! I always find the spring to be the absolute best time to have a baby. My first baby was born in the spring, so maybe that’s why, but also I just think its so fitting – all of the animals are having their babies, so why not us too? I have known Kamran’s mama for a while now, and she is the sweetest and kindest person. She is always happy and encouraging, and just radiates all of the good things. I adore her, and I adore her sweet baby just as much already! Here are some of my favorites from my time with Kamran!

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