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April 8, 2018

FAMILY | The Boone Family

Last weekend I was so excited to meet up with the Boone Family to see how much little miss Emma has grown in the last six months! She did NOT disappoint! She has gotten so big and squishy and may be the happiest little lady I’ve had the honor of photographing. Winter in the DC Area is kind of dragging on and on and ON…i mean we got 8 inches of snow on the first day of spring. Needless to say it wasn’t feeling like summer outside, but it definitely was not freezing, so we took full advantage of the weather and made sure Emma switched up her outfits so we could get a healthy variety. I think my favorite is always going to be a baby in a tutu, though ;).   I met the Joanna & Brendan at Great Falls Park for our session, and even though sing is taking its time, we were definitely seeing signs of it coming through. I am sharing so many of my favorite images from our time together today, so keep on scrolling to see the cute overload on your screen!

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