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July 2017

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July 23, 2017

PERSONAL | Lemonade Stand

To kick off the summer this year, I sat down with the boys as school was letting out for the summer,  and we came up with a bucket list of summer activities.  They were able to think up about 17 activities that they wanted to do this summer, most of it completely attainable.  We have been able to cross off a large amount of items over the summer, including blowing our 5 shark goal out of the water (pun fully intended) and catching a whopping 8 sharks in a single trip to our favorite spot in Cape Charles, VA. We have made s’mores each Friday, visited the zoo, done “lots of camping,” hosted play dates, and we have scheduled an outdoor movie party, and are making our way through the third Harry Potter book one chapter at a time, among other things to fulfill our list.

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July 7, 2017

FAMILY | Brittany, Al, + Brinnley

I had the honor of meeting up with the Penska’s a few weeks ago for a super special photo shoot.  Sweet Brinnley is about to become a big sister, and her mama, Brittany, thought it would be fun to capture some images of their family for their official announcement. I couldn’t agree more, so we quickly set up a date to meet in our neighborhood (seriously, could it get any more convenient?!), and off we went! My favorites from their session are below!

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